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Why Use Natura Products & Go Green?

Australia has a waste management & recycling problem. Another problem that affects the country is the use of commercial products containing harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds. These products are easy to use and readily available, but they contribute to global warming and climate change issue. In the past few years, New South Wales has witnessed several natural disasters such as:

  • Storm & Floods (2019)
  • NSW Bushfires (2019)
  • Western NSW Floods (2020)
  • 2019–20 bushfire season
  • 2021 Eastern Australia floods
  • 2022 eastern Australia floods
  • 2022 New South Wales floods etc.

Many of these disasters are a results of severe climate change, which most people are not quick to acknowledge. It is estimated that more serious calamities can befall New South Wales & other areas of Australia, if we don’t do anything to mend our ways and address the problem.

Thus, if you want to contribute to solving this problem, start by switching to green products and services. It means you have to start using bio-degradable and eco-friendly products made with ingredients that don’t pollute the earth.

Besides helping reduce the impact on the environment, using natural products is extremely good for your health. Green products made with organic raw materials don’t impact your health adversely. Studies have shown many commercial cleaners, homecare items, skincare products, tools etc. contain carcinogens, allergens, VOCs, parabens and other harmful ingredients that impact your respiratory system, endocrine system, heart, and more. Non-eco-friendly products also don’t have bio-degradable packaging.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to switch to natural products as fast as you can and we at Blue Sapphire Marketplace are dedicated to help you do that. So, explore our shop to find the best natural products in NSW and buy them at affordable rates.

Earn Eco-Reward Points

To encourage more people to go green and promote natural living, we offer eco-reward points to our customers. These points are given when you purchase a product, share a review or post a photo or video of the product you bought. We understand the importance of providing natural products to people at discounted rates. We want as many people as possible to start using green products and services at the earliest.

Therefore, depending on the product and its cost, you can get higher or lower reward points. Also, when you review or post photo/videos you get 10 reward points each time. If you don’t use the reward points during a purchase, they keep accumulating in your account and you can use them together to make a big purchase for free! If you want to learn more about earning and saving eco-reward points, feel free to contact us via messaging or email. Our service representative will get in touch with your quickly to ensure you can have a wonderful customer care experience. We want your purchasing journey to be well and always exciting.

Benefits of Going Green

  • Healthier Life
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Safe for Kids & Pets
  • Better Mental Health
  • Improved Sleep
  • No Falling Sick repeatedly
  • Reduced Carbon Print

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