Lavender Cleaning Vinegar

  • $13.75

Want to sanitise your home with the goodness of vinegar but not the smell? Get the latest Cleaning vinegar infused with lavender oil to make your household surface sanitary and fresh smelling.

Onion Shampoo & Oil Combo

  • $46.80

Often after pregnancy or poor dietary habits, people face significant hair fall. To tackle this problem, having this combo with the goodness of onion is necessary. Use it routinely to have lush hair.

Turmeric & Saffron Face Mask

  • $14.50

The scorching sun can make your skin dry and wrinkly. To avoid it and have soft and supple skin at all times, use our natural face pack with turmeric and saffron. It is free of parabens and artificial fragrances.

Organic Cotton Baby Swaddling Cloths

  • $20.00

Baby’s skin is soft and you don’t want to get a swaddle that scratches their sensitive skin. Therefore, get this organic cotton baby swaddling cloths (pack of 3) now and wrap your newborn in safe and soft cloths.

All-natural Bathing Bars

  • $3.40

Have a fresh shower everyday with our range of all-natural bathing bar with shea butter, essential oils and power of natural ingredients that moisturise the skin and prevent skin ailments.

Lemon Face & Body Wash

  • $18.90

Wash your face twice and have a shower daily with the lemon face/bodywash to get rid of dirt and oil instantly. This wash has natural ingredients and no parabens!

Printed Cloth Baby Diapers

  • $30.60

Commercial diapers with gels can give your baby rashes and they are not eco-friendly too. Thus, choose these breathable cloth diapers for your baby and also save the environment.

Fun Sandwich Cutters Puzzles

  • $14.95

Got a picky eater at home? Make sandwiches with spinach, broccoli or any other ingredient fun for them with these fun sandwich cutters puzzles.

Cutie Moisturising Cream

  • $18.40

Need a cream that noushishes your skin naturally? Get the Cutie Moisturising Cream infused with the goodness of natural ingredients and mineral oils. It is a gentle cream suitable for all ages.

Natural Age Control Serum

  • $12.00

According to studies, you must start aging control care after 25. If you want to start taking care of your skin and naturally fight signs of aging, our natural age control serum is the best pick.

CTM Everyday Skincare Essential Box

  • $60.00

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are the holy grail of skin care. Don’t skip these steps and you skin will thank you. buy our CTM Everyday Skincare Essential Box now to get started.

Mini Lemon Hand Sanitiser

  • $6.00

Lemon has the power to remove dirt and grime, when used with alcohol, essential oils and glycerine, this mini lemon hand sanitiser is a must have in your bag. Get to sanitise anytime, anywhere.

Pearly Lavender Moisturiser

  • $3.00

Lavender is a delightful fragrance and you must have a moisturiser with its goodness to keep you skin supply and soft. Our pearly moisturiser is a must-have product and its cheap too! So, stock up now.

Natural Wood Body Polishing Brush

  • $12.00

Body brushing before bathing has multiple benefits and you must include this process in your daily skincare routine. Use our natural wood body polishing brush to remove dead skin cells effectively.

Virgin Coconut Oil

  • $5.50

Coconut oil is the best for treating skin allergies and keep your skin moisturised. So, instead of commercial oils with chemicals, get our virgin coconut oil now. You can use it for skincare and cooking too!

Eco-friendly Cotton Pads

  • $11.20

Instead of commercial wiping pads with plastics, switch to cotton pads made with plant cellulose and materials with super absorption. These pads are bio-degradable & soft on skin making them the perfect choice.

Lifey Green Kidie Snacks

  • $15.36

Need a snack for kids on the road or when they refuse to eat the veggies? Get the lifey green kidie snacks made with fresh and natural ingredients to satiate their cravings and hunger.

Wonder Essential Oil – Orange

  • $24.00

Whether you want to use it on your skin, cleaners or home sanitising fresheners, our wonder essential oil (orange) will come in handy. It has orange extracts making it organic and safe to use on yourself or around the house.

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