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An All-Natural Product Selling Platform

After the industrial revolution the production of commercial products skyrocketed. To fight competition, companies kept coming up with new products and advertising strategies without informing the consumers the dangers of using chemically-laden products. However, more people in NSW are switching to natural products & we are dedicated to help them use green products for skincare, homecare, babies, kids, and more. Started in 2019 by husband & wife Mary and Mathew Chilton, Blue Sapphire braved the COVID-19 storm because people trusted our products and speedy service. Thus, we are still going strong and growing.

What We Do?

BSM is an NSW-based ecommerce website for natural products sourced from reputed brands that care for the environment and their consumers.

The Best Products

Besides ensuring products sold on our platform are actually natural & not labelled natural, we have a quality assurance team for routine product inspections.

Fast Service

We pride ourselves at always delivering products within 2-3 business days. in case of delays which are rare, the customer is always kept in loop.

Our Team of Experts

Running an online business is challenging but not for us because of our management. Our experts are passionate about selling natural products and promoting healthy living to people of New South Wales.

Words From Our Management

Blue Sapphire Marketplace is a thriving online natural product seller because it has the best founders & CEO. Our management is all about natural living & they help people live healthily across New South Wales.

After becoming a mom, I started researching about organic foods and products for my babies. During my research it became evident that the markets were filled with commercial products with chemicals and volatile organic compounds that affect the health of children and adults. What’s more, many of these products are bad for the environment & animals. Therefore, with my husband, I found a way to get natural products online & sell them to people who want to live naturally.

Mary Davis


I was never a conscious buyer or user of everyday things in our lives. However, it all changed when my wife informed me how challenging it was to buy natural products and the popularity of commercial products overshadowed green items. Therefore, with my wife, I started this venture to make organically manufactured product accessible to people of Sydney and other regions of New South Wales. And, thanks to support of our community, we are one of the best natural products selling platforms in NSW.

Mathew Davis


I joined Mary & Mathew in their crusade to help people get natural products a year after the big launch of the website. They hired me to run the business successfully and grow its reach. Since, we haven’t looked back and from only selling in Sydney, we have come far enough to sell across New South Wales. Moreover, our plans are to make Blue Sapphire Marketplace a national ecommerce site in the coming 5 years!

Rick Luther


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