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Living consciously is a choice & you can make it well with our wide range of natural products for beauty, house cleaning, skincare & more. All our products are made with organic and natural ingredients that don’t harm the environment or cause air, water or land pollution.

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We are a one-stop destination selling green products made with organic ingredients across New South Wales. You can buy quality & branded products all year round. We understand the importance of providing multiple options and we do our best to be a single place where you can buy premium products.

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Due to ready-availability of chemical & commercial products, most people reach for them. However, we are dedicated to making buying natural products as easy as breathing. If you are someone who is willing to take the steps to live naturally, let us help you with our wide rage of organically-made products.

About The Marketplace

Natural, Organic & Eco-friendly Products at Affordable Prices

Blue Sapphire is an online green marketplace headquartered in Sydney and catering to people all over Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter, Riverina-Murray & all other regions of New South Wales. We are dedicated to lowering the impact we have on the environment and our health due to products laden with chemicals, plastics & volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With our natural products to adults & children, you can live sustainably & healthily. It is necessary because the climate and our health’s are already suffering significantly due to non-eco-friendly products and our usage of them.

Therefore, if you understand that the need of the hour is to go green and start using natural products, we are here with our wide range of premium products made with organic and non-toxic ingredients. We assure you, our manufacturing practices are also inline with our vision for natural living.

Top-Selling Natural Products

We sell a variety of naturally made products for Skincare, Homecare, Babies, Kids, Bathing and more.

Mini Lemon Hand Sanitiser

  • $6.00

Eco Veggie & Fruit Wash

  • $10.00

Pearly Lavender Moisturiser

  • $3.00

Natural Wood Body Brush

  • $12.00

Virgin Coconut Oil

  • $5.50

Eco-friendly Cotton Pads

  • $11.20

Lifey Green Kidie Snacks

  • $15.36

Wonder Essential Oil – Orange

  • $24.00
Eco-Reward Program

Get upto 50% off on Every Purchase

Shop and get special discount with your eco-rewards. You can collect the reward points by shopping for exclusive products, leaving product reviews and by posting a photo or video of the product you purchased. You can use the reward points to save money on your purchases while checking out. Our reward point system is streamlined and many customers use it buy desirable products from our website. We do our best to provide the best products which are also made affordable with such schemes.

Editor’s Pick

Printed Cloth Baby Diapers

  • $30.60

Lavender Cleaning Vinegar

  • $13.75

Fun Sandwich Cutters Puzzles

  • $14.95

Cutie Brightening Cream

  • $18.40

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Customer Reviews

Since Blue Sapphire Marketplace’s Launch in 2019, our customers have shared several encouraging words. Here are the best ones.

I have been trying to go green and switch to organic products after finding that most commercial products contain chemicals. While looking for a reliable platform that actually sold natural and organic product not just natural on the label but having chemicals. Thankfully, I found the Blue Sapphire which is one of the best platforms to buy natural and green products. Their entire range is affordable and organic.

Chad Matthews

Regular Customer

I have been a repeat buyer of natural products at Blue Sapphire Marketplace for over 3 years. Their entire range of products is made with organic ingredients and they are cruelty free. Am glad to have found this platform because I often struggled to find eco-friendly products with green packaging. My friend recommended me to buy natural products in Sydney, NWS from this place and I am sooooo happy I listened.

Ken Shelton

Repeat Customer

Only last month I started buying natural products from Blue Sapphire Marketplace and immediately their range of products and delivery speed won my heart. I predominantly purchase bath products and skincare items since I hate using chemicals on my face and body. However, I am going to keep buying cleaners, homecare items and more from the website since I have tried and tested this platform and they are the real deal!

Rory White

Repeat Customer
Natural Living Guide

At Blue Sapphire Marketplace we are also dedicated to educating people about natural & conscious living

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Changes to Make at Home for Natural & Healthy Life
7 Reasons People are Turning To Natural Products

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